High-load Projects

Welcome to the world of High-load Projects, where we engineer robust architectures capable of handling the most demanding traffic with finesse.

At Neor, we are driven by a passion for excellence in high-load solutions. Our services are tailor-made to meet your unique needs, empowering your business to thrive under the heaviest workloads. Join us on this journey to high-performance success, and together, we'll elevate your digital presence to new heights of achievement.

What we offer

  • Architecture Design

    Our talented team specializes in crafting robust high-load architectures that can handle large volumes of traffic, data, and workloads. With a focus on scalability and efficiency, we create an infrastructure that ensures seamless operation even under heavy loads.

  • High-Load Development

    Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and best practices, our engineers build stable, scalable, and efficient software applications capable of handling ever-increasing data volumes and user requests with zero downtime.

  • Scaling & High Availability

    We take proactive measures to ensure high-load applications maintain seamless availability, even during failures or disruptions. Our solutions accommodate expanding workloads without compromising accessibility, offering a reliable and smooth user experience.

  • Large-Scale Optimization

    With meticulous evaluation and tailored improvement strategies, we optimize large-scale systems to deliver top-notch performance. Our team identifies and eliminates bottlenecks, ensuring your application runs at peak efficiency.

  • Database & Queries Tuning

    Our experts enhance database performance efficiency and optimize associated SQL queries, reducing query execution time and optimizing system operations for lightning-fast responsiveness.

  • Performance Testing

    We rigorously assess the performance and resilience of high-load systems under different loads and stress conditions. This ensures your project is high-performing, reliable, and secure at all times.

  • High-Load Refactoring

    We implement effective code changes to optimize your high-load system's architecture, allowing it to effectively accommodate concurrent user demands, heavy traffic loads, and large data volumes.

  • Support & Monitoring

    We provide stable system maintenance and monitoring, ensuring smooth operation and optimal performance. Our proactive approach identifies and resolves issues before they impact your business.

Recent Project



Online Video Streaming Platform

Tech Stack

  • Languages & Platforms

    Node.js, Go, Javascript, NextJS , NuxtJS , Python/Django, PHP, Java, C# (.NET), C++

  • Cloud

    AWS, GCP, Azure, BareMetal (Private Cloud)

  • Configuration Management

    Terraform, Ansible

  • Container Orchestration

    Kubernetes, Cluster Autoscaler

  • Event-driven Computing


  • Performance Testing

    Apache JMeter, Locust

  • Monitoring

    Prometheus, Zabbix, Datadog, New Relic

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